Thursday, July 30, 2015


I'm a dabbler.

I have a lot of ideas. Some of those ideas stick, some don't.

My mom, The Finder, will show me something and OF COURSE I'll remark, "how cute is that" or sumpin, to which she will reply, "you gave it to me!".

I lose interest or maybe my attention gets divided, but over the years, my tastes have changed and refined as a result of my dabbling.

In packaging a Baby Black Dog sale today, none reminds me of my Transforming Taste more than my logo. I originally created it with an image from a 1940s textbook that looked like Emma, my Baby Black Dog. Along with found text, I cut and glued together my "logo". I took it to Staples and had a stash of copies made, then I glued them to the backs of my journals. 

Years later, I had a graphic designer friend create an updated logo using the same images. It looked cleaner and made me happy. I still take my originals to copy centers, but instead of handing them over in a file folder, I email a pdf and walk out with an organized stack of logos for my business cards and journals.

As I packaged today, the difference made me stop...
originally wanted an Etsy shop so I'd have a destination for my dabbles...a place where I could say, "yes, you can buy that here"...a spot where I would prove to myself that I could do a "new thing". I just turned 55 and I'm certainly no "old dog", but if I were, I'd say that today I just wanted to encourage us old dogs that it really is never too late to learn new tricks...

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