Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Using My Muscle

When I was in college, I took a philosophy class for a humanities requirement. One week our topic of discussion was sleep. I don't remember a single bit of what was being discussed, but I remember trying to sleep later that night...just about to drift mind asked the question "what IS sleep?" and then there was no sleep, only thinking about sleep...

This is one of those nights. We are traveling and doing all that is involved in getting to our destination. Our flight is early. My potential sleep hours are few. But my mind asks, "what about that invitation design?" (which, by the way is a custom project that I'm working on). And then there's no sleep, only thinking about a design...

So I get up and write down these thoughts. 

Creativity is a muscle. I'm convinced of it. But it doesn't atrophy from non-use. It lies there, tapping it's foot, waiting to be remembered and used. 

...Even if it's 2:00 in the morning and my alarm is already set for a 3:35 (3:30 seemed too harsh) wake-up call. 

Christmas and its creating is over. The three trees have been taken to the local recycling pile, the ornaments and vintage nutcrackers have been put away, and the giant, long-dreamed of but poorly-thought-out tent for my GrandBoys has found a for-now home where it can be enjoyed and squishing one's body sideways to get past isn't necessary. Honestly, I knew "how large" but I just didn't realize "how large". Honestly.

There's the collective sigh, that comes with Christmas clean-up. Things back in their places energizes me. It relaxes me. It frees up head-space that can be used for other things. Dreams. Thoughts. Then,

Oh, hello creativity and vintage-carnival project! I've missed you! 

My shop is closed for a few days while we visit some of our Dearests. I'll do some inventory revamping when I return. I'll toss some listings and create some others. I'll get my vintage books and scissors and glue sticks and inspiration boards back into action. 

I'm on vacation. 

But my creativity isn't. Thankfully.

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