Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Baby Black Dog Version of Envelope-Lining (yes, it's a verb!)

My "how-to" posts are really more like "you could do this" posts and this one is no exception... Think of them as encouragement, really.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of paper-things: note cards, envelopes, journals, wrapping and the like. My first real job was in the stationery department of Neiman-Marcus where I learned to appreciate all the above. I vividly recall marbled papers from Italy and the Crane's paper line and engraved wedding invitations. And the materials we used when packaging a purchase...lovely tissue and Neiman's gold seals. And our shopping bags were of the most beautiful glossy and heavyweight paper.

My tastes were developed during those days, and over the years, through exposure and education, I've come up with my own must-haves with paper products.

One of those have-tos is lined envelopes. I love those. The wilder the better, but must always suit the occasion. I began lining them awhile back, for when the perfect card and/or envelope didn't come with its own.

Templates are too much trouble for me, like reading directions on a new toy, so I basically follow these simple steps...

Card stock works best, but the perfect vintage sheet paper or a bit of gift wrap will do, they just require a little extra patience in the gluing and cutting process.

I lay my open envelope on the backside of my paper and trace. (PS, I just use enough to cover the part that can be seen when open. I used to line the whole front but found it unnecessary...) Cut out the shape while shaving off just a bit from the sides. Use a glue stick and run it across the top edge and just a smidge down the sides. Place the glued-piece inside the flap, just under the envelope-adhesive, and press. Let it dry and give it a good crease so it closes easily. 

These are our Christmas card envelopes. I used the plain white ones that came with our card order. Also, I added this...
with a Sharpie cause I'm fancy. And I used green ink on our return address (done with a wooden-handled stamp, of course) cause I think too-much is just-right sometimes...

Also, I love that Rudolph is a "thing" this year. He and his friends look perfect on Christmas mail.

Happy How-toing to you this season!

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