Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Accidents

So, my "manufacturing" process is unpredictable. I am often at the mercy of color copy attendants, messy tabletops and availability of my favorite materials.

When I refer to my products as "handmade", they are indeed just that: made by me, with my hands, and usually glue and scissors.

I have a customer who requests journals for her children's teachers at the beginning of each school year. She usually wants something a bit different, and I try to accommodate. This year, she wanted lace and burlap, and some shabby chic images. I get set in my ways with what I like, so I look forward to being pushed in other design directions. 

I was so pleased with my designs for her, and decided to add them to my shop, BabyBlackDog.etsy.com

Different papers require different techniques, and assembling is always a bit of a challenge...

But today, the glue was the issue. It was everywhere. 

When the glue turned ugly on a final product, I decided to get creative...

and cut an embellishment to cover a spot...
And sprinkled glitter where hot glue was excessive...

Accidents make my creativity brave.

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