Saturday, April 5, 2014

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I don't really fancy this to be a do-it-yourself blog. Mostly because there's a category of those and I don't want to try to compete or fit-in. Instead, I want it to be a be-yourself blog. There's no competition for any of us with that.

I wanted to begin by saying that.

To remind you and me that we don't have to fit into a single category. Let's make & be our own category...

So, this morning, I'm having an epiphany of sorts as I've allowed myself to dream. 

A big, scary personal dream.

I think the word "dream" has always bothered me a bit. Overused. Misused. Others made to suffer for our pursuit of said-dreams. But I think mostly what bugs me is that we treat "dreams" as though they're off in the distance. They're elsewhere and we have to chase them far and fast. And for me personally, I was too busy living a dreamy life. My life with my family, my home, my dogs, my friends...I've always been contented with my life. A perfect life? Ummm, NO! Far from perfect. Let me clarify that. Do I now or have I ever had a PERFECT life? NO! But, are dreams always perfect? I don't think so. I used to dream I could fly like a bird...but my dream-friends thought I looked weird, so...

But, for the past few months (while I've been living and helping and loving and working and...) I've been pursuing my own personal dreams. Mine. For me... This blog is part of that dream. My Etsy shop is part of that dream.

I say all that to say this to you: Dream. Hold tight and pursue your dreams. Don't let your dreams die in a sea of self-doubt. But, while you pursue those dreams, remember to LIVE the dream. My good friend, Aaron, replies something like that when asked "How are you?". So, I'm passing it on to you...

This morning I admitted a scary, big dream that I plan to pursue this next year, maybe I'll tell you about it one day. It was a big deal. Made me feel strange and elated and hopeful.


I also brushed my teeth. And drank coffee. And thought about my children. And walked my dogs. 

And on our walk I found this...
...right outside my house.

And my beautiful Labrador found a baby pine tree and it was a magical scene.

And I noticed the wisteria were fully-and-fragrantly blooming, so I took a picture...

And I found this in my own ill-tended-to-but-much-appreciated yard...

My everyday life. Yes. My dream life. 

So, Dear Friends, this is my challenge and my well-worn-advice to you...

Keep dreaming. Go after those dreams. Don't be talked out of them. Keep them. Treasure them.

But also, don't forget... Go live the dream.

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